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and introducing... #DJRingPop!

After more than a week of mysterious letters and unfair accusations (and even a SeeSaw hacking!), we FINALLY discovered the mystery of our secret note giver. It turns out that the 3rd grade classes were the lucky recipients of an Elf on the Shelf... who came to us with the name #DJRingPop. (No, that's not a typo; our elf spells his name with a silent hashtag. Obnoxious. Or is it... #obnoxious?)

The logo on the stickers placed on the envelopes finally made sense to us when we found this out... the headphones on the Ring-Pop image? Clever. Elves are tricky. Especially when they are the shelf kind...

December 3rd is when #DJRingPop made his debut, and he has been hiding Ring-Pops, tiny chunks of coal worth money, and daily letters in our rooms each day... and has yet to make a disaster. It seems that his message is of kindness, and I think we are lucky to have an elf such as this show up in our 3rd grade world.

(sidenote: it's still unclear if #DJRingPop has any connection to #DJRingFingers, but I hope we find out!! Wait... you don't know who #DJRingFingers is? Stay tuned...)

#SecretSanta #TaylorMadefor3rdGrade #3rdGrade #mystery #elementaryeducation #ElfontheShelf

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