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excuse my hacking...

LAST WEEKEND: After a week of receiving the mysterious letters (complete with empty Ring-Pop wrappers), we strolled into the weekend thinking all would be quiet for a couple of days... (spoiler alert: we thought wrong.) I was unaware that my SeeSaw teacher account had been hacked, and two messages were sent to the families of my students without my knowledge. (I had a couple parents reply, and that made me aware of the hacking.) Ring-Pop pictures were sent, complete with more misspelled words... well played, random stalker.

I received an email from the SeeSaw support staff alerting me to the hacking, and it was nice to know that someone was watching out for the mystery unfolding in our 3rd grade world...

(PS- Are you a teacher? Have you not heard of the marvel that is SeeSaw?? MESSAGE ME IMMEDIATELY!!) TO BE CONTINUED...

#SecretSanta #TaylorMadefor3rdGrade #3rdGrade #mystery #elementaryeducation #jamesthomastaylor #MrTaylor

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