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Unsolved Mysteries, Jr.

After receiving our first two letters from an anonymous someone, our 3rd grade brains were turning trying to figure out who could be sending us Ring-Pop wrappers, along with notes sprinkled with incorrectly spelled words. Also, random Ring-Pops began appearing in both our 3rd grade classrooms... one a day, each with a Ring-Pop/Headphones logo sticker attached. Another clue perhaps? Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown seem to have failed us... maybe I should have called in the gang from Mysteries, Inc?? If Scooby-Doo and Co. can't crack this, I don't know who can. (I wonder if it's just a bunch of meddlin' kids pranking us??) We received the "C YOO IN 3 DAYZ! MUNDA!" on Friday, so I am suspecting a great reveal tomorrow at school. (Something strange happened this weekend with my SeeSaw account, but that's a post for another day. And by another day, I mean tomorrow!)

#SecretSanta #TaylorMadefor3rdGrade #mystery #3rdGrade #elementaryeducation #MrTaylor #jamesthomastaylor

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