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Paging Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew...

First off, before I can even begin to just pick up and act like I wrote something on this blog in recent days, let's acknowledge the fact that I pulled a Debbie Gibson sophomore album move and went totally Over the Wall, and have been missing in action on this site. Ten months ago was my last entry?? Shameful! I once read that those who write are writers... and those who wait are waiters. (And to think I was THISCLOSE to asking you if I could get you something to drink!) So here I am... back on the blog for however long. And what brings me to the surface you might ask? (And if you didn't ask, please humour me... in a British way, obviously.)

For those who might've just stumbled onto this page Out of the Blue (I can't quit the Debbie Gibson shoutouts!), a little bit about me: I am a 3rd grade teacher in a tiny town in Kansas, trying to change the world one student at a time... and now, apparently, I am here to crack The Case of the Mysterious Letters... that's where Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew would come in handy. (A quick google search for those unaware of these literary sleuths might be helpful to the under-aged folks here.)

Last Tuesday, this envelope showed up in my mailbox at work. There is no return address; just a sticker of a Ring-Pop that appears to be wearing headphones. The envelope is addressed to my 3rd grade class, with complete disregard for proper spelling. Once the letter was opened...

...more misspelled words, and an empty Ring-Pop wrapper. (They didn't even send the actual delicious tiny treat for me to enjoy?? That is rich!) My students were baffled right along with me, and one of my 3rd graders thought maybe this was my school Secret Santa trying to contact me? (I thought this was a genius idea... although it's strange I haven't been told who I have for a Secret Santa yet.) Another of my students offered some possibly incriminating information: "I saw Ms. Stearns eating a Ring-Pop one day when her kids were at lunch. She was literally eating a Ring-Pop!"

So for now, all eyes are on the newest member of our staff, 5th grade teacher Ms. Stearns. Another letter appeared in my mailbox this afternoon, and a random Ring-Pop (not just the wrapper!) appeared in our classroom Christmas tree, with one of those headphones stickers on it. (I let the student who found it eat it... hope somebody didn't want it back!) If this is my Secret Santa, well played. I'll need to up my game when I finally get my name.

And if it isn't my Secret Santa, and if it's not Ms. Stearns, then the mystery has just begun.

#elementaryeducation #jamesthomastaylor #teacher #3rdGrade #TaylorMadefor3rdGrade #MrTaylor #mystery #SecretSanta

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