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365 Days Later...

And just like that, here I am... one year to the day of the release of my first children's book, My Mommy Burnt the Cookies. As I continue to celebrate a dream come true, I reflect on the past 12 months with such fondness. It was only in my wildest dreams that I thought I would be able to share this special story with people outside my immediate circle. (To know me is to know that's exactly how I dream, though: wildly!) I am forever thankful to Kraken Books, Ltd. for taking a chance on me and my little story that could. This has been such an incredible process, and it really taught me that what's meant to be will always find a way. Thank you to YOU for following me and sharing my joy. I think there is a lot of life left in my story, and as it turns a year old today, I believe it has just begun its journey. Being a 3rd grade teacher, it means so much to me to see my students light up when I share with them how this book came to be. My goal is to share my story with others, outside of Tiny Town, Kansas... to offer hope, inspiration, and perhaps a burnt cookie or two.

~James Thomas Taylor

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