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The Brothers Kraken

You might know that the fabulous Baker boy himself, Ron, recently released his first children's book, You're Too Big to Dream Small. What you might not know, is that he shares the same publisher as well as illustrator as yours truly. I'm fairly certain this makes us blood brothers, without having anything to do with actual blood or even being related. (I like to invent my own rules.)

I am so thrilled to be in such good company at Kraken Books. His story is from the heart, and is sure to inspire anyone who reads it. (You do know that children's books aren't just for kids, right? Chew on that deep thought!)

I don't really speak sports, so I can't drop any Wichita State basketball facts right here, but I can tell you that with Ron Baker, what you see is what you get. I always saw him as a class act athlete on television, and it turns out that wasn't an act at all. He is the type of role model that role models should look up to, and now as he moves on to a new chapter with the New York Knicks, I am so happy we get to claim him here in Kansas.

Kraken brothers for life!

(To order Ron's book, click HERE!)

james thomas taylor.

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