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Welcome to my first ever book giveaway contest! By now you have probably heard of the boy that they called Jimmie, and the kitchen adventure he experienced with his mommy and a batch of burnt cookies. That's my story; now, I want to hear YOUR story!

Please share with me and the Burnt Cookie readers a tale of a time you experienced a less-than-stellar cooking activity in the kitchen. (Pinterest fails, anyone? This is the perfect place to share!)

The winner will be chosen at random, and will receive an autographed copy of My Mommy Burnt the Cookies, autographed by both the author (me!) and Jill Cherryholmes, the Mommy, as well as the fabulous illustrator, Briana Ladwig! Already own the book? That's OK!! You can snag yourself another copy, or give it to someone close to your heart!


1. Share with me a time when your kitchen experience didn't turn out quite like you expected. Your kitchen disaster could be anywhere from mild to wild!

2. Include a picture to go with your story. Don't have a picture of the actual event? No worries! Maybe a picture of who it involved, or a picture of what the finished product was SUPPOSED to look like. You choose the picture! As long as it ties into your story somehow, you're golden!

3. You may enter the contest as many as four times, posting on Instagram, Twitter, or either Facebook page. (Instagram: @jamesthomastaylor, Twitter: @jamesthomastay (notice it's only 'tay'!), Facebook: either page, My Mommy Burnt the Cookies OR James Thomas Taylor. Enter on more than one site and increase your chances of winning, and share your story with more people! (You may enter multiple times using the same story and picture, or if you have more than one, feel free to share more than one! You may enter ONE time at each place, for a total of up to FOUR times.)

4. You must be following the Instagram or Twitter accounts, or "like" either Facebook page... (wherever you are entering the contest from.)

5. You must include BOTH hasthtags: #MyMommyBurntTheCookies and #ismellsmoke.

6. The contest will end at 4:44 pm on Sunday, July 17th!

7. Winner will be notified on the same social media site entered from.

8. BONUS ENTRY! I would love for my story to reach as many people as possible, and who better to help spread the story than Ellen herself? If you tag Ellen in your submission, your name will be thrown in an extra time, for another chance at winning! (Ellen can be found on Facebook here, and on Twitter here. Instagram: @TheEllenShow, same as her twitter handle)

Please help spread the word by sharing this contest on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Get creative and have FUN!! I can't wait to hear YOUR stories!!

~james thomas taylor.

#contest #childrensbook #childrensbookgiveaway #giveaway #mymommyburntthecookies

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