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mi reflejo...

No, I didn’t suddenly become bilingual and fluent in Spanish since my last blog post in what feels like 13 years ago… I was simply reflecting on my journey that has brought me to where I am. When I think of reflecting, I think of two things: my year I served in AmeriCorps in Los Angeles (where I learned what it truly means to reflect, thank you Syp)… and I also think of Christina Aguilera belting out that song from the movie Mulan... (and that, naturally, makes me think of her Spanish album, released in 2000.) If you’ve never read one of my blog posts before, I can tell you this- they are completely random and might not make the most sense, but that’s only because I let my fingers do the talking.

So here I am… my first official blog post, written specifically for my website.

On December 12th of this year, one of my dreams was reached as I released my first book, “My Mommy Burnt the Cookies”. (I am not an editor, and I still panic trying to figure out where I put the period in the previous sentence… before or after the quote mark?!? JINKIES!) I haven’t celebrated exactly what this experience has meant to me in words, but I plan to start trying. There have been so many events that have led me to where I am this day (and I don’t mean just my living room) and I want to share my stories…

side note: do people still read blogs?

This has been one amazing journey that has been taking shape over many years… and now that the book is out, I kind of feel like my journey is really just beginning. 2016 is upon us, and I imagine great things are in store… for all of us. I hope you take the ride with me, so we can share the ups and downs of the exciting road ahead, together…

james thomas taylor.

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