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Welcome To My Journey.

I would like to take this moment to introduce you to what I hope could be the start of something new. (If you just caught that High School Musical reference, I imagine we could be great friends.) I am the author of the highly-acclaimed (according to my mother and my chihuahua) (as of now) unpublished children's book, My Mommy Burnt the Cookies.

I believe every great story is born from a great title. That being said, I had the idea for this story more than 15 years ago, but it never managed to make it any further than the name. Last year I was assigned to write a children's book for one of my elementary ed reading courses, and I knew it was the perfect moment for me to put finger to keyboard for the story I'd had in the back of my brain for so many years. I am now hoping to take it a step further and attempt to get it published. I understand there are many more logical routes to take when approaching such a serious endeavor, but I also understand that Justin Bieber's career was hatched from YouTube. If the Biebs can do it, why can't I?? (That kind of off-the-wall philosophy has pretty much carried me through life.) I have made a little video of me reading the text of my story, and I hope somewhere in the world is someone who knows someone who can help me achieve this poppycock dream. (I don't really think my dream is poppycock, I just have always wanted to drop that term in a sentence, and now is when it decided to slip from my fingertips. Poppycock? Indeed.)

I will be posting the video on January 1st, as my goal is to have it published within the year. (Maybe a little sooner if the Beliebers of the Mayan calendar are indeed correct.) I plan to blog about my journey. (warning: if this project never grows wings and leaves the ground like I'm hoping, I might be left to blog about my alternate life I live in my head while reading celebrity gossip magazines. Mary-Kate Olsen is my best friend and I tour with Britney Spears in that world.)

Please follow along with me here, on Twitter and Facebook.

Even if the book never gets published, I imagine I'll still enjoy the ride while trying. And at the very least, so will my mommy and my chihuahua.

james thomas taylor.

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